We analyze your company’s activity, its internal organization logic, and its component’s interrelationship, we advise you to get the best performance.

Our experience shows us that an intelligent company harmoniously combines its hardware, software and knowledge elements.

Consultancy of software and Business process

  • Interview with each stakeholder, suggestions for improvement.

  • Problems presented by the current way of working.

  • Clearly establish the goal of the indicator.

  • Feed the indicator with REAL information.

Taxes consultancy

  • Review of your company's contractual relationships with the outside environment, contracts, agreements, others.

  • Sustainability of them.

  • Optimization of tax burdens based on the interpretation of the laws that reach it.

  • Definition of action plan for improvement.

Accounting Consulting

  • Revision of the accounts

  • Verification of accounting charges based on the reality of the operations.

  • Define action plan for improvement.



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