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The CRM application is a tool that allows you to securely and easily record the traceability of the operations that are generated from the contact with the client in this way you as the event manager of your company can anticipate the needs of your Customers have the traceability of the contacts that the client makes with his company, from this to be able to define concrete action plans with high impact in the improvement of the relationship with the actors of his company.

  • Contacts:
    To register which person of the client / supplier communicates with the company.

  • Tracing:

      To record follow-up contacts with the client / supplier that arise from our contact, offering products, services or simply surveys.

  • Claims:

       To register claims that arise from the client / supplier to us.

  • Establishments - In the case of productive units leave registered data of the productive units location, size, photos of the states of the visits made.

  • Production - In the case of productive units, what is produced in each of the identified units can be registered.

  • Projection - Based on surveys and knowledge of what the Client has, the information is loaded to estimate and project future revenues that will be produced in our company.

  • Budgets - Survey data is entered, in order to estimate that the demand for products or services can potentially be generated by the customer or that we can offer before requesting it.

  • Marketing - It allows us to enter the data of the marketing events that have been executed to project the future.


  • Insurance - It is recorded what types of insurance the Client / Supplier has for the purpose of analyzing its risk, both to be taken into account at the time of projections and in analysis of the situation of granting deadlines or deferrals of commitments.

  • Sinister - It is recorded in the case of possible claims in the client's production units, the type of claim, affected unit,% of damage, others.

  • Documents - It is used to digitize all the documentation we have of the Client / Supplier, social contract, copies of ID, copies of powers, others.



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