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We develop management software applications for the WORLD

Fifteen years in the market, developing, implementing and marketing software, has allowed us to manufacture a large ERP for a Large Company, such as the one you own; request operational simulation without purchase commitment.


100% Integrated to our ERP, we have the software application that solves all the business cases for the Agro Industries, Mill Industries, Feed Industries, Agricultural Machinery Factories, Oil Factories (Soybean, Sunflower), Peanut Factories.


It is the software solution that allows to manage any kind of industry the purchase raw materials, subject to productive processes and obtain an elaborated product, thanks to the production module it is possible to integrate our ERP with this kind of solutions.


Our ERP is 100% integrated with our vertical software solution for collectors, cereal brokers, consignees, agronomies, also includes full integration with the different business units.

Service providers

Our ERP system, integrated with our billing module, allows pre-established guidelines, state input, livestock sale management, to name a few, makes this product a software solution applicable to electric power plants, livestock sale and auctions, security companies, others.

Primary Production

This software application, 100% integrated to our ERP, allows to manage the agricultural production of a primary producer, as well as to manage the sowing pools. The great traceability capacity allows to clearly identify the profits at a productive lot level.

Consumer goods

Our ERP is integrated with the food products production system. It is like the concept of Industry, but with the difference of allowing to manage the stock of combos and, for example, stock by units and billing by weight of units.

Distribution and logistics

Our ERP, 100% integrated with the solution for transport companies and shipping ports, manages 100% of the entire operation of your company.

Human Resources

Our ERP, 100% integrated to the human resources management module, allows you to manage events, salary settlement, work plan monitoring, assistance, versatility matrix.

Customer Relationship - CRM

100% Integrated with our ERP, this powerful CRM allows to manage the high impact events in relation with the clients of your company, giving a high degree of analysis and predictability in the future.

Customer Relationship - Bi

All the information that our product generates, has to be analyzed for strategic decision making in time, for this is that we develop BI, these dashboards 100% molded to the needs of our customers, so that the decisions we make are supported in the information it manages.



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